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The New Provider's Club™ is a resource & community for NEW childcare providers & directors!

You wanted to start your business to help people. Maybe to help families in your community needing quality childcare or to help stay-at-home moms with some needed time off.

Through hours and hours of thoughtful consideration, you’ve decided to start your daycare business.  High-five, friend! 🙌

But building a successful profitable childcare business can be a bit of the unknown and even if you’ve already started you still might be a bit uneasy about how to build your business.

Rates, ads, competition, parents, licensing, curriculum, hiring help, paperwork, OH MY!

How are you supposed to manage all that and beat the odds that your business will survive?

Setting up your business should be a little more simple. Don’t let newbie overwhelm be the demise of your business. 😭

Your precious time should be spent enjoying being the boss, not endlessly tweaking contracts & policies or chasing new clients or payments.

That's where your secret weapon comes in: The New Provider's Club.



The New Provider's Club™ is a membership exclusively for new business owners that offers a foundational framework for success. We will help and support the childcare provider to start, set-up, and succeed.



The New Provider’s Club is a monthly membership that provides new childcare entrepreneurs (that’s you!) with resources to set your new business up for success from top to bottom.

Each month members will receive…


What Other Providers Are Saying

When I opened my home daycare 26 years ago, I would have given anything for a community and resources to help me navigate all the ins and outs of the business. But back then, there wasn't anything to help home daycare providers. Now, there is this wonderful resource with courses, printable resources, and a wonderful community of like minded professional providers to help you succeed in your home daycare business from the beginning. This would have saved me so much stress and heartache, and I recommend it for any provider who wants a thriving business.
Christina Kamp
Little Sprouts Learning
Your products are amazing ... giving me the confidence to be able to start a daycare business....thank you so much!
Amy Hummel
Soon to-be provider
I was a family childcare provider for 45 years. When I started my childcare business I wasn’t fortunate enough back in the seventies to have training opportunities, childcare associations, or community resources we just had to “Fly by the seat of your pants”. In the last three decades early childcare has emerged as one of the most important components the American work force and a child’s life. It’s the beginning of a child's informative years which carries them through a life of educational experiences. Thriving Childcare has developed a membership for new childcare providers that will help guide you through the the start up of your new childcare business! Adrienne Bradley is a provider and childcare educational consultant. She has developed these resources through actually experience in the child care field. She can help YOU too! I highly recommend all her products to my Family Child Care Association in Huntsville Al.
Fran Clampitt
President of the Madison County Home Child Care Association
Adrienne is the consummate professional that creates products with the needs of the childcare owner in mind. It is so important for both new and aspiring providers to be a part of a community where they can learn and gain the resources needed for success. This program provides this option!
Krissy Cathey M. Ed
Profitable Daycare Network
I am thrilled that you are launching this membership. If I had this level of guidance and support, I would have made more money, built a stronger business, and saved hours googling and piecing together handbooks and policies that were useless. Having direct access to someone that has been there and did it successfully is what every emerging provider needs!
Denetra Scott
Adventures in Childhood/Childcare Business Launch

Here are some of the topics we'll cover ...

  • 10 Childcare Services To Offer
  • Pre-Enrollment Program
  • Your Childcare Contract
  • Key Childcare Policies
  • Your Business Card Into A Billboard
  • Avoid Why Many Family Childcares Fail
  • When & How to Terminate a Client
  • Forgotten Childcare Policies

Get the motivation, guidance, and support you need to get your business on track. You don’t need to struggle on your own anymore!

*Please note: It is up to the discretion of the Thriving Childcare Team to determine what each month's content will contain. Each month's content will have an approximate retail value of $397. We can't make guarantees on whether or not these items will end up in our shop, as many items will be exclusive to the NPC membership.



1. Sign up for the membership.


2. Log into the membership and download the latest training & resources.


3. Use the training and customize the tools to your business needs! Use the community to ask questions and get advice.


You can lock in this rate for the life of your membership. If you cancel your membership, you will lose the special promo rate. If you choose to re-join at a later date, then you may join at the new rate. See our terms for more details.


This membership is for new, soon to be or even seasoned providers who want the tools, knowledge and resources to build their childcare business on a solid foundation.

Although the emphasis is on those new to childcare, the training, products & resources given in the membership can be used for providers in all stages of their business journey – from newbies to long-time entrepreneurs. 

Every week, members will receive a link to a class in the monthly training series delivered right to their email.

Accompanying the training will be links to the lesson worksheets, interactive assignments, and community activities.

Yes!  We think its important to have a community of like minded people to gain different perspectives and support from.

In the group members will be encouraged to share insight from class materials as well as their own experiences and struggles.

Although we cannot guarantee your enrollment will be full all the time, the strategies and methods taught in the trainings will show even the new provider how to market, give tours that convert, and how to create collaborations to find clients.

Absolutely!  This membership is perfect for those soon to be providers who want to make sure they get the best start for their new childcare business.

We’ll cover issues that are perfect to tackle from the start as well as strategies worth incorporating in long-term goals for a new business.

Some of the products in the membership may be listed in the shop for a higher price point than you would pay for them in the membership. However, there will also be member-exclusive content that only current members will be able to access.

Although the emphasis is on those new to childcare, the training, products & resources given in the membership can be used for providers in all stages of their business journey – from newbies to long-time entrepreneurs. 

Members have access to each class and lesson for as long as they are active members.

Once you download the tools & resources in the monthly training, you will have lifetime access to use them.

Yes!  One of the benefits of the membership is that several of the classes will have templates that you can download and customize for your business needs.

We want to support you and your new business, so extra help is built right into the membership.

Through weekly office hours as well as the Facebook forum group you can ask questions and get feedback to tackle issues you need extra help with.

Due to the digital nature of the products in each class, we are not able to provide refunds. However, we aim to make each training as useful as possible for providers and their business!

If you decide that the membership is no longer serving your business, you can easily cancel at any time. You will continue to have access to the membership until the end of your current billing cycle. Read our terms and conditions for more information.

The only membership focused on supporting providers to start and grow a new child care business with proven tools & resources delivered straight to your inbox every single month.

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Start and grow your profitable childcare business using proven tools, strategies, support & resources delivered to you every month!

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My Childcare Binder Kit Bundle*

Organize and easily access all of your important childcare documents

How to Master Your Childcare Tour*

Proven strategies to convert childcare tours to clients

Emergency Reserve Fund for Childcare Business*

The Essential Financial Back-Up Plan for your daycare business

*With purchase of annual membership. Digital copy only.


If you can say “YES!” to any of these, the New Provider’s Club WILL help your business…

If you answered YES, then the New Provider's Club is your secret weapon to taking your business to the next level! 🚀


A new provider's journey can be hard, don't go it alone!

Here’s everything you get when you become a New Provider’s Club member today:

New Provider's Club
Foundational Business Training

Multi-lesson video courses to take the overwhelm out of running your childcare business. Learn the tips and techniques of the pros, without spending years in the trenches!

Business Processes

Comprehensive, copy-and-paste business processes with proven steps that make it easy to grow your childcare business. New plans added every month!

Q & A/Office Hours

Twice monthly LIVE member calls where you can get your specific questions answered. They're even indexed and archived so you can find exactly what you need weeks or even months later.

Expert Interviews & Training

Expert interviews and exclusive training to round out your business education.

Products & Perks

Member's only perks, including 1:1 check-in calls and product discounts

New Provider's Club

PLUS THREE amazing bonuses to take your childcare business growth to the next level*!


$150 VALUE!

*With purchase of annual membership. Digital copy only.

Meet Your Teacher!


Hey there! I'm Adrienne ... and I want to give you the tools & confidence to start and grow a childcare business you'll love!

I know exactly what it’s like to start a childcare business from scratch.  When I first started my business, I made a ton of mistakes and learned some very hard lessons along the way.  The worse thing was feeling like I was alone.

I often wished that there had someone I could turn to when I had questions.  Someone who had my back and could show me the ropes.  Someone who made me feel like I wasn’t alone. 

Over the years, I have coached and supported countless providers in building sustainable businesses.  But my heart kept wanted to reach back and help that new providerAnd I’m finally doing it.  That’s what The New Provider’s Club™ is all about.  This is the supportive membership I wish I had from the beginning!

Whether you are a new childcare provider, or even just about to get started, The New Provider’s Club is created to make your journey easier. All with one goal in mind – giving you all the support you need to start and grow your new daycare business!

Specifically for the new childcare business owner!

What if you could start your business with access to the experience you needed to make it a success?  No other membership is designed to help you, the childcare provider manage and balance the job. 

Right from the start you will learn how to:

  • Find new clients
  • Hire help
  • Organize your calendar
  • Take control of your finances
  • Write contract & policies
  • Set & grab your biggest goals

It’s the community that will take your mindset from nearly stressed from the start, to being a CHILDCARE BOSS so that you can actually turn your daycare business dream into reality.

Whether you are a new or even a soon to be daycare provider, The New Provider’s Club is designed to help you easily manage ALL of the pieces of your business (not just curriculum!). It’s the perfect place to make the most of your daycare days and stay on track in the midst of childcare chaos.

What would be possible with a support system that gave you the knowledge and resources to grow a successful childcare business?

You wanted to start your business to break free and enjoy life on your terms. Starting and growing your business sustainably is possible with training & support, and the New Provider’s Club Membership makes this so much easier!


Don’t wait any longer to crack the code to setting your childcare business up for success!

Take advantage of special annual pricing TODAY and GET ONE MONTH FREE!

You can lock in this rate for the life of your membership. If you cancel your membership, you will lose the special promo rate. If you choose to re-join at a later date, then you may join at the new rate. See our terms for more details.


Grab your FREE copy of the Newbie Binder Notes.  This binder kit is full of essential information, inspiration & encouragement for any new childcare provider.  These are notes you will need and use.  Sign-up and IT’S yours FREE!

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